About Me

I'm 22 years old and will be starting Oxford Aviation Academy's integrated APPFO course on 1st September 2014! Course number AP365. I thought this blog would help me keep my family and friends back home updated, keep me focused and hopefully give a bit of insight about the course to anyone considering commercial pilot training. I found other people's blogs really helpful before signing up myself but didn't come across many by female students (probably because there aren't as many in this industry). I also find it interesting to see how much opinions can change and my development as a person will (hopefully) be reflected in my posts. I definitely tend to ramble, on paper and in real life so I hope it won't be too boring to read and I aim to  make a post every week, though I know the course will be very busy!

A bit of Background:

I studied Psychology at Durham University and graduated with a 2:1 in June 2013, this is my backup career choice though hopefully as the aviation industry is picking up again after the recession I should be able to find a job after completion of the course. While at school I loved the air cadets and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and completed an RAF gliding scholarship with them. In the time between leaving university and starting my course I worked in an American summer camp for 3 months, I've become a CI at my old squadron, 367, and have loved every second of it. I also held down a part-time job at Next just to tide me over and believe that every job is valuable experience of planning your time and working with people, regardless of what field you're working in. I like to keep busy and hope I can handle my toughest challenge yet at Oxford Aviation :)